The Bridge Builders Esq.

National Mentorship Program for Aspiring Black Lawyers

The wise build bridges.

- African proverb

Black Law Students and Lawyers Wanted: To Become Bridge Builders.


The Bridge Builders Esq.: National Mentorship Program for Aspiring Black Lawyers is an extension of the work of The National Black Pre-Law Conference and The National HBCU Pre-Law Summit. It provides a greater opportunity to establish mentor/mentee relationships for those law students and attorneys wanting to give more beyond volunteering for a day or two, and for those serious law school aspirants who are in great need of more support and guidance after they leave the conference weekend.

We don’t want any more future Black lawyers to have to say that they don’t know any lawyers and didn’t have a mentor like many before them had to. Those days of having to figure things out on your own and making mistakes simply because you didn’t know what you didn’t know are coming to an end.

This mentorship program will provide aspiring lawyers (college students, graduates and working professionals) with membership in mentorship circles (small groups of six pre-law students paired up with a law student and lawyer who will serve as their mentors). We will make matches based on common interests. We will schedule monthly group check-ins and conference calls.

Not only will pre-law students have a law student and attorney that they can connect with but also peer accountability partners so that they can get to know so they can support one another.

Our goal is that through these circles of support, the mentees will be able to have others that can connect with so they can have the support they need to pursue their goals and succeed during the challenging law school application process and preparation process.

All participants will receive access to resources and guidance on making mentorship work.


Any Black aspiring lawyer (high school student, college student, college graduate or working professional) who has not yet been admitted into law school is eligible.


Any Black law school graduate with an earned J.D. degree or licensed lawyer (passed a bar exam and is eligible to practice law) is eligible.


Why a mentorship program specifically targeting Black or African American law school aspirants?

According to statistics from the Law School Admission Council, in the 2016-17 admission cycle, almost half of all Black law school applicants did not get into ANY law school they applied to. Fewer Black people gained admission than any other racial or ethnic group.

We want to help change that. We know that people are more likely to succeed when they can benefit from quality mentoring relationships. We also know that students persist when they have support from their peers.

We will strive to provide mentors for every Black law school aspirant who requests one. We will place them in a “mentoring circle” with a law student mentor, attorney mentor, and pre-law student peers – to help support them through the preparation and admission process.

  • Every person who signs up must commit to participate for one full year
  • If s/he decides to no longer participate at any point, then s/he must inform the program administrator and assigned mentors or mentees as soon as possible.



  • Mentors and mentees are expected to commit one-hour per month for twelve-months/one year toward the mentoring relationship.
  • Mentors and mentees are expected to read and sign a mentorship contract/agreement prior to officially becoming a part of The Bridge Builders Esq. National Mentorship Program for Aspiring Black Lawyers.
  • Mentors and mentees are expected to take participation in the program seriously and to remain fully committed to their mentoring circle for the duration of the entire year.
  • Mentors and mentees are expected to read through the provided tips and any activities and materials provided to help facilitate the program and help make the mentoring relationship work.
  • Mentors and mentees are expected to respect that all matches and assignments to mentoring circles are made based on a process of trying to find commonalities and areas of synergy between the various people that are placed together in the group. Please make an intentional effort to try to make the mentoring relationship work. If any members of your circle are non-responsive and making no effort to contribute to the success of the circle, please let our program administrator know as soon as possible so we can make quick adjustments and do what we can on our end to help so that your circle can get on the right track.


We will check in with every mentor and mentee to make sure that they are fully participating in the program and are contributing one-hour towards the mentorship relationship every month.


All mentors and mentees will be recognized at the annual National HBCU Pre-Law Summit and the National Black Pre-Law Conference.

All pre-law students will receive a (The Bridge Builders Esq. Mentorship Program Certificate of Participation Award) and can list participation in the program on their resumes after completing the 12-hour one-year commitment.

All pre-law students will receive “The Bridge Builders Esq. Mentorship Program Certificate of Participation Award” upon completion of the 12-hour, one-year commitment.

The Mentorship Program’s Founder, Evangeline M. Mitchell, Esq., Ed.M. will personally congratulate and give gifts to all program participants who attend either The National HBCU Pre-Law Summit or The National Black Pre-Law Conference with their mentees/mentors.


The Bridge Builder by Will Allen Dromgoole
The Aspiring Lawyer Success Pledge
Mentoring Relationship Success Tips - For Mentees
Mentoring Relationship Success Tips - For Mentors
Mentorship Agreement for Pre-Law Mentees
Mentorship Agreement for Law Student Mentors
Mentorship Agreement for Lawyer Mentors



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